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Struck by Beatle-mania at 5 years old, I grew up with the need to play the guitar.
I spent many hours as a child with my nose glued to the window of Barera music store in Venice, dreaming of owning a Fiesta red guitar. This desire to make music inspired me to want to create, modify, and craft guitars rather than just play them.

Fifty years have passed, and I, as well as my life partners, have had endless adventures…
I have found myself having more than thirty guitars in the house. Martin, Les Pauls, Strats … dozens. All in pursuit of the “best one” to suit my various musical endeavors.
After my wife had to remove a Tele from the kitchen table, she wisely suggested that I should open a store.

From there, “Woodstock” (the only possible name for me …) was born. In the 1990’s, it was the premier store in Italy for importing, restoring, and selling quality “Vintage guitars” (which was a new term at that time), mostly made in the USA.

A serious illness forced me to give up the shop to my partner, and, during my rehabilitation, I started to build the first copies of Strato, Tele and Les Paul guitar from scratch – after a while the need to build acoustics came up, and I built until today more than 30 pieces in classic Martin shape (0-17, OM, 000) but finally arriving to the most challenging construction of archtop acoustic guitars.

During the last 20 years, I have devoted myself exclusively to the construction of custom-made guitars, using only the best tonewoods and hardware.
I view my customers as friends, and for that reason, I put all my history, passion, and music into every single instrument that comes out of my hands. It is that personal to me.


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