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About Davide Pusiol Guitarworks About Davide Pusiol Guitarworks About Davide Pusiol Guitarworks

My place of worship

Our guitars appear statuesque on their supports. Great paintings (created by my son) are displayed on the walls.
Friends come to profess their own faith and passion for these instruments.
Music resonates and fills the environment, creates a beautiful atmosphere, and vibrates the guitar strings.
My work desk is our altar, where only the best kinds of wood are sacrificed in order to achieve the glory of a good sounding instrument. There is little need for electric utensils as most of my work is handmade.
Peace and love for materials reign, and cutting, bending, milling, sculpting, sanding, and gluing are part of the daily ritual.

About Davide Pusiol Guitarworks

The wood

Rosewood, Maple, Mogano and Val di Fiemme Spruce have always been the most popular resonance woods, and recently I discovered the Padouk in its rich look and sound, the North American Black Walnut, recovered from trees fallen in the wind of Hurricane Sandy , and the beautiful, warm and figured Italian Cherry.


Even though Shellac (French polish) is the best finish for an acoustic instrument, I use nitrocellulose resin (lacquer) for almost all my guitars. It is the finish used by the big builders from the 1950s onwards, does not crystallize and allows a good resonance of the wood. It is quite laborious to apply, a filler should be applied first and thoroughly sanded.
Then 6/7 coats are applied by spraying, leaving each coat to dry for 24 hours, and each coat is then sanded finely with water. The transparent is therefore relatively “easy”, you only need a lot of patience and elbow oil.
Same for the covering colors.

About Davide Pusiol Guitarworks
About Davide Pusiol Guitarworks

My prayer

My daily prayer is to continue to build guitars for quite a while, as well as to foster my curiosity and eagerness.
In return, I promise to do my best, both as a man and as a builder.
The peace sign is the perfect representation of my philosophy.
“You can say I’m dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”
I believe

Peace and Love

are the only salvation for all of us.